Adult ‘nightmare spray’ and a (printable!) comprehensive wedding checklist

Adult ‘nightmare spray’ and a (printable!) comprehensive wedding checklist

When I was young, every single night, I would have nightmares about bugs attacking me. I felt like there were millions of barely visible bugs that only came out at night and were flying all around me trying to eat my skin off.

So my genius mother brought me to the store to buy “nightmare spray,” which coincidentally smells just like aerosol potpourri  and is found in the same aisle. (It’s cool, I totally couldn’t read yet, guys!) When we got home, I drew a picture of my nightmare which looked a lot like a giant spider. We taped that to the front of the can, and every night before I went to bed we sprayed it around the room.

Remarkably, my nightmares went away. Like, instantly. (And THIS is one of the many reasons why I have the best mom in the world. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!)

I approach my nightmares the same way now.

The other night, I dreamed that I was free-falling down a black tunnel, and three-dimensional, life-sized phrases, like carved out of rock or something, were flying at me. Do you know what those phrases were? Parts of my wedding to-do list. I’m not kidding. I’m falling through a pit somewhere in space and a giant, “buy wedding bands” zooms toward my head. My dream world is really freaky.

So I don’t have any nightmare spray lying around anymore, but I decided to face my apparent fear of The List head on and make a comprehensive to do list for wedding-related items that must be completed in the next four months. (Four months, oh my gosh!)

(Click the image below for a printable PDF!)

wedding checklist

I’ll be honest, I couldn’t look at a wedding checklist in the beginning. They are just too overwhelming.

One of my favorite wedding planning books, A Practical Wedding by Meg Keene, offers the very best approach to wedding planning checklists. And that’s to print one out and then cross out everything that isn’t absolutely essential. What’s essential to a wedding? At the very basic level, a bride, a groom, an officiant and a witness or two. That’s it.

Having secured what we found to be our personal essentials, I feel a lot better at looking at a to do list now, as a form of organization. Here’s what ours looks like now:


There’s definitely a lot more to do than already done, but I feel a lot more organized with the list, instead of sporadically thinking (dreaming? nightmaring?) of things to do.

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