Best of April

Last night I made this wonderful sausage jumbalaya-esque dinner in the slow cooker (post coming soon) and as we were eating it, I told A.J. how I could have made it even better. “Too late!” I cried, as we shoveled spoonfuls into our mouths.

“Why are you doing this?” he asked.

Not entirely productive, but I think it shows progress as a home food provider. When I taste something my mind wanders away to what it could have been, and it’s a learning process for future deliciousness.

This month we did have some deliciousness from coffee-braised brisket to chicken breasts with lemon-butter sauce. We also talked about classics — like this apple betty — to how to revamp an old favorite — with this avocado egg salad, which my friend Elliot called a “game changer.”

Annnnnnnd, even though the survey results showed that people are so over wedding posts, this poorly photographed post on our wedding welcome bags was still one of the more-read entries this month. So, that’s confusing.

Stay tuned for May’s sneak peek, coming tomorrow.

April’s numbers were a little disappointing. I have a few theories about what’s going on. I think the visitors from my floor pillows that were so popular on Pinterest are finally dwindling, which in a way is good. I think April’s numbers are more realistic — these are people who are actually reading the blog, rather than clicking a link to make sure it works. These are numbers that reflect people with whom I’ve connected, and for that I am grateful. For you, I am grateful! (My other theory is that it’s spring and people are spending more time outside than on the Internet, and that’s not a bad thing either.)

April’s by the numbers:

  • 24,722 page views
  • 19,476 visits
  • 18,580 unique visitors
  • 42 posts (most ever!)
  • 00:44 average visit length (The only improvement from last month, which I think proves my theory is correct. These visitors are the ones who are reading.)

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  1. Jen Gavin says:

    I read on an RSS reader, does it count those? You may have many “hidden” readers ;)

    • Jewels Phraner says:

      Thanks Jen! It was very sweet of you to click over and give me a little boost of confidence. Thanks so much for reading!

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