Garden, week 10

Garden, week 10

container garden week 10

We had two deaths in the garden this week — two little lettuce plants. I’m probably more emotional about this than, like, a normal person. I mean I’m not having a memorial for them or anything, but it is sad. What’s totally weird is that the two remaining lettuce plants in the same container are seemingly flourishing. So I don’t know what happened there, except that maybe transplanting them was just too traumatic for them.

I have basically forgotten what vegetables are in which container at this point, so below the lettuce container might be carrots or radishes or spinach? Anyway they look really good.

In the picture below, the bean pants are growing quickly. I’m hoping they’ll just climb up the trellis, but I might have to give them some direction soon. Below the beans are either broccoli or cauliflower. They haven’t grown much since transplanting them, but at least their not dead.

container garden week 10

The thyme in the blue pot are just starting to sprout.

container garden week 10

Either carrots or radishes are growing in the green container at the top. They are a little flat-looking because I had just watered them. I think I will need to thin these out soon.

I don’t remember what’s in the middle container, but it hasn’t sprouted yet, obviously. I am 70 percent sure that’s spinach on the bottom and it’s looking really good. Perpendicular to those containers, the broccoli or cauliflower looks pretty healthy too.

Sometimes I feel like there’s not enough dirt in the containers, like the roots are growing upward out of the dirt a little bit. This might be normal gardening stuff. I’m still learning as I go, here. You can see the little white stems in the top container a bit.

container garden week 10

The pots are doing alright. The chives still seem like they are struggling to survive. It’s interesting that the plants I started inside are doing so poorly as transplants. The parsley in the top pots (on the bottom step) are really doing well. They have come up so quickly in the past week. The strawberry bulb is still doing nothing in the front, orange pot, as well as whatever the heck I planted in the red pot.

It’s like a surprise garden.
container garden week 10

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  1. Louise says:

    The plants that died might have experienced “damping off”. It is caused by cool temperatures and too much watering. With the rain and cold temps this week, this could be the cause. Our plants need some sun!

    • Jewels Phraner says:

      Thanks for the information, Louise. I really worried about the plants with last week’s cold spell, but all of them seem to be doing great. Except for the two dead ones, that is. I hoping the other two lettuce plants will make it through.

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