Sneak peek: November

Sneak peek: November


What’s up party people?! When A.J. and I look back on the year 2013, I presume it will become the Year of Changes. I changed jobs, and essentially careers, five months ago, we were married nearly two months ago and one week ago we moved to our new apartment in Cheswick, Pa.


Now instead of hearing the toll of the church bell counting the time and the creak of the door as customers enter the shop below us, we hear the whistle of an occasional coal train and the geese flying south for the winter.

We are still very much living out of boxes. We are still trying to find our daily routines. I am still trying to figure out the darn Allegheny County bus system. But I finally feel a bit in control of things. Like life has calmed down a bit, that my to do list is a little less overwhelming.

And boy have I missed this, missed YOU! I hated disappearing. I hated not having the time or energy to share this small part of the world with you.

So this month, I want to share you some of the ways we are organizing and decorating our new space. It’s surely been slow-going, but we are getting things in order. We also went apple picking last month, and we still have a bushel and peck of apples waiting to be incorporated into some yummy baked goods.


And I want to start plowing through our wedding pictures to show you some of the ways we personalized our ceremony and reception. And we’re totally celebrating Thanksgiving this month, which marks the beginning of my favorite time of year … The Countdown to Christmas.

The first order of business upon getting inside our new house was to — obviously — unpack the kitchen. This kitchen is very small. Much smaller than ideal. Much smaller than what I thought were possible for a kitchen. I have a total of seven full-sized cabinets and about 1 1/2 feet of counter space to work with. So one thing we did was take all of our plates, bowls, nice servingware and move it to the baker’s table in the dining alcove. This freed up counter space for pots, pans and tupperware and it makes for nice decoration.


Also we set up the bar.



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  1. I love your little bar shelves! I think I’m going to steal the idea for my apartment.

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